develop the Best Android Application in 2021 in Bangalore

Overview of Android Application Development

Did you know that Android won the heart of almost 70 per cent of smartphone users in the world? Android app development has become a requisite to all sorts of businesses in this era. Custom Android app development can work incredibly for your business. Globally nearly 800 million people love Android apps. This is a big moment you can make at least a few thousands of them as your customers. Let us help you turn your idea into a game-changing app. And develop the Best Android Application in 2021 in Bangalore.

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Tangible Benefits of Android Application Development

RENDER INFOTECH: One-stop Destination for All Android Application Development Services

We develop the Best Android Application in 2021 for a spectrum of business verticals. We are an ideal choice of 500+ businesses that include e-commerce companies, healthcare organizations, and travel agencies, etc. And develop top-notch utility apps, enterprise apps, game apps, grocery apps, and food ordering apps at an affordable cost. With experienced Java developers, we craft fully-functional Android applications that are seamless on all devices.

We carefully monitor Android app development with support software that encompasses debuggers, external libraries, database management systems, which doesn’t only add dynamic features to the application but also makes it exciting and interesting to the end-user. We fully leverage the Android application development framework that is a package of external technologies like C, C++, 2D and 3D graphical application programming interface (API), GPS enabled services, and game engine support.

How we build successful Android apps and Develop the Best Android Application in 2021?

develop the Best Android Application in 2021
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  • We Understand the Android market first
  • focus on offline experience as well
  • make the app user-friendly, with flexible layouts and easy navigation
  • We create compelling UI & UX design
  • support multiple languages with localization
  • We focus on all types of testing, such as functional testing, compatibility testing, and security testing, etc.

If Android app development seems the right route for you, we can develop the Best Android Application in 2021 that can take full benefit of this evergreen mobile platform.

Our Android App Development Process

Our android application development process is streamlined into different phases which are as follows:


At first, we take our time to sit with our client and draw a non-technical layout of the android application and its core features. It helps us to clear any doubt about the android application and also avoids any difficulties in the android app development. Only after we have understood the client, his company’s goals, vision, and target audience, we move to the second stage of development.


After the recommendations are charted out, we create a plan of action. During this phase of the Android application development, we work on the software and hardware requirements, the scope and deadlines of the project, any milestones that can be fixed. We inform you about every step and keep you in the loop. We try our best to keep the application development phase as flexible as possible to avoid any unforeseen difficulties.


At this stage of the android application development phase, the application is still not ready for the end-user. The Android application needs to be hosted on markets and app stores, and then only it can be downloaded and used by users. In this phase, we take care of the thousand and one bits and pieces of your android application that must be triple tested before the android application goes prime time.


This is the execution phase. On the requirements of the project, we use a variety of android application development methodologies, like Agile or Waterfall during the mobile application development. During this phase, you will receive updates and suggestions from our project manager, so you are kept up to date during the making of your android application. This is the phase where the application is acid tested repeatedly to churn out any bugs in the programming.


The recently baked out android application is not meant to last forever. Within a few months, the Android version will upgrade, the markets will evolve and the customers will want new features. These changes will call your application to be upgraded. We will maintain an engagement with you and ensure that the investment you have made in software development gives the best value for money.

How We Build Good Android App Design?
  • We design your Android app keeping users in mind, so we make the interface simple and clear, which helps users easily understand your app
  • make the app user-friendly, with flexible layouts and easy navigation
  • We create engaging UI & UX design to make users engaged to your app
  • keep the icons semantically accurate
  • perfectly craft colour format for all pages, which helps to make your app a brand app

Benefits of Good Android App Design

Android App Design in Bangalore
  • A good app design can turn normal users into loyal users, and loyal users into customers
  • Good and simple app design helps users find what they want easily, which make them loyal to your app
  • Good design can double your app users, by encouraging the users to share the app with others
  • Engaging app design can reduce the cost significantly that you spend on branding
Benefits of Availing Services at Render Infotech

We focus on creating quality-driven Android apps that can take our customers business to the next level. There are numerous Android app development companies in India, but we are well versed with the ethics of the business and we also have experience in this field like no other. Hiring an Android app developer from Render Infotech will enable you to get speedy work and Develop the Best Android Application in 2021, at the most affordable rates. We employ both designers and engineers into making your custom Android app a complete hit. Not all companies integrate designing and development into the same cost package but we will, we just love to go the extra mile to put that happy smile on our client’s faces.

Here are a few more reasons to choose us as your development partner:
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority
  • promise you a staggering experience
  • We are an awarding-winning mobile app development company
  • We have developed more than 1000+ apps of various categories to date

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