Best guide for email & sms marketing in 2021

Bulk Email Marketing “the best email & SMS marketing services— Reach Customers and Maintain Engagement

Guide for Email Marketing to SMS Marketing in 2021, take a shot at making eMailers that are guided by the corporate brand picture or help build up a crisp new brand rule. Email marketing is a viable strategy for advertising for Companies in many business spaces. We are capacities figures among the best email & SMS marketing services in Bangalore and offers the Email Marketing Services and furthermore reaches out to Emailer Design, HTML and Content Writing. Give a makeover to your online business. Resort to the email marketing and witness a refined change in your online business. Expertly structured and executed HTML e-mail marketing campaigns arrive at clients and draw in them and help involve the highest point of the psyche position with occasional new news and occasions. 

Render Infotech is the best Guide for Email Marketing to SMS Marketing in 2021, take a shot at making eMailers that are guided by the corporate brand picture or help build up a crisp new brand rule.

As per the review

with an exhaustive audit of the present site, marking and other promoting material, our structure experts create predictable email interchanges.

“On a normal of two out of every three brands run email marketing campaigns on a week by week premise, month to month and quarterly premise”. Email advancing is an incredibly practical route way to deal with cooperating with imminent and existing customers.

We also Provide Best Social Media Marketing Services

Bulk & the best email & SMS marketing Services Provider

Bulk Email Service Provider in Bangalore helps you create your email newsletters, email campaign, and track your campaign results. Our email marketing platform helps you in organizing all your lists in a few mouse clicks. Our innovative email solution ensures maximum delivery to inbox for your email campaigns. We monitor your campaign from start to finish and route your traffic through an intelligent load balance route to ensure fast and reliable email delivery. Our email marketing solution designed to grow your business, regardless of skill level, you can experience the difference. We have trusted Bulk Email Service Provider in Bangalore.


send email & sms marketing

Successful B2C and B2B Email Campaign Service in Bangalore that you can trust!

Leader of the email marketing and Campaign in Bangalore delivering emails. Regardless of whether you wish to interface new client or construct new one, Email marketing is the most practical approach to get a handle on your intended interest group.

Why Email Marketing

bulk email service in 2021

Bulk Email Service — the best email & SMS marketing services we at Render infotech most trusted and reliable Email Marketing Service Provider in Bangalore. Our user-friendly web interface helps you composing an email and create a campaign with only a few mouse clicks. We have tried to include only limited and essential features in the control panel keep to the junk out of your screen. Our customer support team offers high-end personal support whenever you need help. You will never have to go it alone. Every customer is treated as a premium for us. Our client’s satisfaction is paramount for us. Bulk Email Service Bangalore.

Bulk Email Marketing Service

We have designed bulk email packages as per your need and can customize as per your need. We are providing a cost-efficient business solution to our reputed clients across the world get Best Bulk Email Service Bangalore

Why Bulk email Service from Render Infotech?

email service from Render infotech
  • Create email campaign.
  • Manage custom template.
  • Upload email ID’s
  • Instant delivery of emails
  • Track email campaigns
  • Upload or Import Content from .csv , .txt file.
  • Manage email panel everywhere in world.
  • Email Open & Link Tracking.
  • Email Bounce Tracking.
  • Unsubscribe Reporting.
  • Best tool to increase Your Sales & Generate Repeat Sales.
  • Reach instantly to targeted audience & highly Personalized.
  • Very effective as communicates to an individual.
  • Over 90 million mobile users in India.
  • Very Cheap, Faster and Prompt Results.
  • Significantly Low Cost.
  • Easy To Create message Campaign.
  • Create groups like Classes, Gender, Salary and City wise etc.
  • 100% ROI than other media Cross-media: Mix with Radio, TV, Print.


You may also start your own Bulk Email Service Provider reseller Bangalore website with the best email & SMS marketing services Render Infotech; we provide you fully branded URL according to your own company name on your Domain and will support for Sales, Marketing and Technical. We also provide you with a website which is fully branded according to your own company name

SMS Marketing

sms marketing Boost

In India, mobile penetration is growing at a rapid pace. There are more than 80 million mobile subscribers in India and this number is ever increasing. Thus, this revolution is making mobile as one of the powerful media for the businesses to market and promote their products and services.

Mobiles wireless text messaging (SMS) has become a mainstream communication channel to reach consumers powerfully. In today’s business strategies reaching consumers who are on-the-move using SMS, the medium has become an increasingly important promotional strategy for many business organizations.

SMS facility enables the user to have one-to-one and one-to-many communication options to promote and share the business information. Today, marketers are considering text messaging as a greater deal when it comes to quicker and smarter communication with the target audience.

In the case of the individual mobile subscriber to promote something with many people at a time has many barriers such as surcharges, number of messages restrictions from service providers, carrier-based limitations and so on.

Our SMS Marketing services enable you to:

  • Availing easy-to-use shortcode based SMS campaigns with cost-effective subscription options
  • Enabling the promotion using mobile phones as well as web-enabled forms
  • Incorporating easier composing of SMS campaigns and effective delivery of the same to the target mobiles
  • Enabling to received SMS delivery reports

As part of our SMS Marketing services, we also provide supplementary support such as:

  • Enabling fully manageable control for your account for better SMS campaign account management.
  • Setting autoresponder messages to get delivery confirmation for SMS campaign messages
  • Enabling easy design of SMSes
  • Incorporating the mobile address database
  • Allowing marketers to see detailed SMS campaign analysis reports

If you are looking for Email & SMS Marketing service in India for your business kindly visit us at


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